Which Penis Pump should You Select?

When trying to decide on a penis pump, you will be faced with many options. They aren’t all the same so if you find yourself confused, a little education goes a long way. Learning about various types will help you make a decision that you won’t regret later.

Categories of Pumps

Basically, there are two main categories. Air pumps create pressure by means of a motor or a manual pump mechanism. Water pumps create pressure using water from your bath or shower.

Breaking it down further, other types that fall under these two main categories are:

  • Manual, Automatic, or Electric
  • Vibrating & Non-Vibrating
  • Head
  • Gauge & Non-Gauge
  • Small, Average, and Big Sizes

Pumps can also be categorized according to the materials used to make them, their quality, and their comfort level. There are so many different types that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.



Pricewise, the most affordable devices are manually operated. You must do all the work yourself and keep up with how much pressure you are applying with the use of a hand-operated pump.

These are very simple devices that are easy to use.



A step up from manual pumps are automatic/electric ones. Some of them come complete with measuring gauges and some don’t.

Gauges are great on the cheaper priced varieties but totally unnecessary on your more expensive, updated devices. Most of the newer pumps come with built-in protection that won’t allow you to overdo the amount of pressure applied.

Different Sizes

You will notice, when shopping around, that some of the better devices come in small, average, and big sizes. This might be an important consideration for you if your penis is smaller or larger than usual.



Water-Assisted Pumps are, by far, the elite of all penis pumps.

They are slightly more expensive but much safer to use. They work by using water instead of air to get the job done. Instead of pumping, all you must do is press the installed unit towards your body to get the amount of pressure needed. Water devices are 100% safe and much easier to use than traditional pumps.

They are fast becoming best sellers, primarily because of their safety factor, ease of use, and superior results.

Now that you know a little more about the different varieties of penis pumps, you should be better able to make a good purchasing decision. Just remember to purchase a good quality device made of medically-approved materials from a reputable manufacturer. It should be convenient to use with easily understood instructions.