The Truth about Penis Pumps

With so many products being marketed by the penis enhancement industry, it’s hard to decipher which ones work and which don’t. For instance, many men have written to us wanting to know the scoop on pumps. Are they really effective? Are they harmful to your health?
Will they increase the size of your dick?

What is a Penis Pump?

Before addressing these concerns, let’s first define it.

vacuum-devicesBasically, it is a vacuum-pump device that is most often used by men with erectile dysfunction.

The simplest devices consist of a tube and a pumping mechanism. Depending on the type of device you choose, the pumping mechanism and results may vary.

Once you activate the pump, air will rush out of the tube. This creates a vacuum which greatly increases blood flow into the Corpora Cavernosa, causing your penis to expand. The greater the blood flow, the more your manhood will expand.

Are they really effective?

Yes, they really are quite effective.

penis-anatomyThey have long been known as a viable treatment for men with erectile dysfunction and are fast becoming popular with men wanting to increase the size of their manhood, as well as with men experiencing weak erections.

Pumps work great on weak erections because they force extra blood into the shaft.

This results in your dick becoming much harder than usual (and larger). Although your erection will diminish when the pump is removed (because blood will then leave your penis), you can use rings to hold the blood there temporarily.

Will increases in size be temporary or permanent?

At first, any increases in size will be temporary and will diminish once you remove the pump device and the rings. If you use pumps infrequently, then you won’t experience anything more than temporary increases.

Over time and with regular use, the size of your Corpora Cavernosa will increase permanently and your dick will hold more blood even without using the device. Patience is key, however, because permanent increases take time and also require proper and frequent use of the pump. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Is there a way to hasten your progress?

You can greatly increase the speed at which you experience permanent increases by adding exercises to your daily routine. You can easily find exercise programs on the Internet but make sure you choose trusted, proven exercises. Two reputable exercise programs are PenisHealth and PenisAccess.

Some penis pump products offer their own quality exercise programs for use during the pumping. One offers interchangeable silicon gaiters that provide different amounts of pressure to your penis during the exercise process while another (Bathmate) offers fixed gaiters. Both programs include excellent, proven techniques that hasten your progress.

Will using a Pump harm the health of your Penis?

If used exactly as directed, pumps are safe tools for most men. The only danger comes from using the device improperly, which could result in bruising. Remember, choosing a quality, guaranteed device and following the program it provides precisely will be your safest bet for fast, proven results. Never use a pump device without first reading the instructions.

What advantages do these devices offer?

The most obvious advantages are that they are both short-term and long-term solutions to your problem. They provide a short-term, immediate solution to your most pressing intimacy problem but also provide a long-term, permanent solution that you can work on little by little. Overall, penis pumps are truly a total solution for your male enhancement needs.