Hydromax X-Series Review – The Best Water Penis Pump

The Hydromax water-assisted pump systems are truly innovative and have proven themselves to be front-runners of all other pumps on the market. Because they operate using the power of water (as opposed to air), they are safer, easier to use, and much more effective than other penis pumps.


Read our entire Hydromax review to discover all the ways they are superior.

The Hydromax Difference

Once Bathmate introduced the Hydromax x-series pumps to their line-up, they quickly became known as top-of-the-line, high-quality pumps that actually work the way they are supposed to work.

hydromax-x30-x40Hydromax water-assisted pumps have changed the course of penis pumps by providing a total system devoted to improving your erection quality as well as enlarging your penis.

Now you can enhance your penis easy, safer than ever, and guaranteed to work fast.

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Our Hydromax review will show you that these pumps are worth every penny you spend on them because not only do they deliver fast and solid results, they also maintain the health of your manhood.

What makes these pumps so special?

why-hydromaxIn addition to delivering 35% more suctioning power, the Hydromax x-series pumps also sport a unique Bellows Pump System, complete with a Comfort-styled Ring to make sure you stay supported. The power of 360-degree rotation is also featured in the Hydromax x-series pumps. It enables you to view the chamber and change its incline or angle to suit your preferences. A unique latch-valve system gives you the ability to handle and fill the pump up with one hand.

The x-series pumps come in two different sizes, x30 and x40. This has been an important advantage because you can use a pump that is sized for your measurement. There are charts on the website that show you how to measure your penis to determine which size to order. The pumps are identical except for their size.

How does it work?

hydro-pumpThe revolutionary new techniques used by Hydromax involve balancing water pressure in such a way that your penis is never forced into unsafe zones of pressure.

Once the cylinder of the device fills up with water, it is positioned and then sealed at the base. You compress the pump in order to expel the water. Once you do this, the correct amount of volume and area is created inside the cylinder, developing into a safely balanced environment for growth.

comfort-padAfter water pump is compressed, the non-return valve closes, preventing water from returning to the cylinder. The gaiter then expands, trying to return to the original volume. This triggers your member to expand in order to replace the volume of expelled water.

One unique feature of this system is that it comes equipped with Confort Pad which allows you to use 35% more power so you are able to see results 65% faster than if you use standard pumps.

Have men seen better results using Hydromax x-series Pumps?

Yes, according to customer reviews, many men have experienced outstanding results after using one of the newly-styled pumps. Patented, the Hydromax x-series pumps were designed to correct all of your erection problems while also enlarging your penis. If you wondered why you needed 35% more suction power, it is to deliver faster and improved results.

Another way Bathmate ensured that these pumps would work more effectively is by enlarging the size of the internal bellows and decreasing the number of convolutes. These new modifications help you increase the girth of your penis.

How fast can you expect to see changes?

Penis enlargement using this program is much like weight-training. The first time you use the device, you will see results although your manhood will reduce back down to its original size within a few hours. This is the same way weight training works when you first start lifting. Keep using it 3 to 5 times weekly and you will soon see permanent enlargement (just as you would see your muscles start to develop after lifting regularly). Enlargement doesn’t take place overnight but takes time to develop just like any other change.

money-backYou should first notice a difference in the girth and length of your flaccid state. The device’s pressure will improve your Corpora Cavernosa tubes, enabling them to grow and hold more blood. After 1 to 3 months, your length will start growing from ½ inch up. Remember, the more you use the device, the longer & fatter your manhood will grow.

Pricing & Packages

The Value pack includes the following extras: Shower Strap, Cleaning Kit, Capsule Case, and Pleasure Lube.

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All products are backed by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Advantages of Hydromax x-series over other Pumps

  • Hydromax Pumps are all patented.
  • Bathmate made the world’s first water-assisted pumps.
  • X-series Pumps are the most powerful ones on the market today.
  • Over 1 million of these pumps have been sold.
  • All of Bathmate’s products are made in the UK.
  • Every product is dermatologically tested and safe to use.
  • Up-to-date website and many “How to” Video’s.


The only disadvantage I was able to find with any Bathmate product (Hydromax or otherwise) was that they are priced slightly higher than other brands. However, when you study the quality, technology, and customer satisfaction with all of their products, it’s easy to see why they cost just a bit more.


My recommendation to you, if interested in purchasing a water pump, is to buy the Hydromax 30x or 40x pump (whichever one your measurements fit to). Unless you are in the market for some extras (like the ones that come with the bundles), you could skip those and order the device-only package. Be sure to look at the website to determine how to best measure your penis before ordering your correct size.

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