How to Select a Safe Penis Pump

One of the first questions you might ask yourself when shopping for a penis pump is, “Is it safe for me to use?” It’s a good question, too, because some pumps are much safer than others. Learning to distinguish safe pumps from dangerous ones is very important to the outcome of your experience.

Let’s be honest here. You will see all kinds of pumps for sale, both on the Internet and in sex shops around the world. Some are high quality, safe devices and some are not. Don’t believe all the hype stirred up by fancy advertising without checking out the facts. With a little research and education, you can be on your way to making a smart purchase.

Forget cheap, knock-off pumps from unknown sources

doctor-adviceBuying cheap knock-off pumps from unknown manufacturers can definitely be hazardous to the health of your penis. Instead or buying your pump from somewhere like eBay, play it safe by purchasing a tried-and-proven product from a manufacturer you trust. However, you still need to research your product even if it is listed on a trusted site.

Customer Reviews – Do they sound too good to be true?

You can’t always believe the reviews you read if they are posted on the same site where your intended product is for sale. Look around at other review sites and find one that has no connection to the produce they are reviewing. Those are the ones you can trust the most. If a review sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

Standards for Safe Penis Pumps

There are certain requirements and standards pumps should meet in order to be considered safe. Here’s a smart list of recommendations for you to consider:

  1. Pumps should be made from high quality, medical-grade materials
  2. They should include gauges to limit amount of vacuum (or include their own method of vacuum control)
  3. Cylinder of pump should be clear in color so that you can monitor the appearance of your penis during the pump routine
  4. It should include both start & quick-release mechanisms to allow you more control

Water Pumps are your Best Choice

Your best bet, when purchasing a penis pump, is to buy a water pump.

While they are slightly more expensive, they are also safer to use.

Water pumps deliver uniformly even pressure to your penis, cutting out the potential for injuries. Air pumps, although certainly effective, sometimes have the tendency to produce too much uneven pressure, resulting in potential harm to your penis. In addition to being the safer choice, water pumps also result in uniform growth and produce better results.

Other Choices

focus-on-qualityIf you are unable to purchase a quality water pump, then your next choice should be an advanced automatic air pump with built-in vacuum limitation. The only other potentially safe choice would be a cheaper air pump with a gauge (in which you would control the vacuum yourself).

When it comes to you penis, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do your research well and make sure you purchase a high quality penis pump that has been tried and proven safe & effective.