Hercules Original Hydro Pump Review

Why do we say Hercules is the one of the best water assisted penis pumps?
Keep reading our Hercules reviews for more details.

Bathmate markets only quality water-assisted pumps and the Hercules is no exception. It may be their oldest pump but it is also their top seller. On the market for 5 years, the Hercules has proven itself time and time again with over 200,000 delighted customers.


All of Bathmate’s devices are unique because they use the power of water to create a safe vacuum and cushioned environment for penis enlargement. They promote even expansion while minimizing injuries and bruising.

The Hercules pumps can be used safely for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement.

Why is the Hercules so popular?

The Hercules sells well because it works quickly.

Patented, it boasts a 95% success rate with men worldwide. Built with medical-grade materials, it is safe, easy to use, and guaranteed to produce significant results.

How does the Hercules work?

While it can be used as a traditional pump (by using it with a lubricant), it is best used in the bath or shower as a water pump. Once you fill the cylinder with warm water, then place your manhood inside of it. Create a vacuum by pushing the cylinder down (towards the base). Do this several times to build the right amount of pressure. Once you can’t push it anymore, rest for a bit but keep repeating this process every few minutes. You will notice your penis expanding as excess water spews from the top of the pump.

After you reach the point where you can’t pump anymore, the Hercules is at optimum vacuum. After 15 minutes or so, release all pressure by pushing the release valve (on top of the device). You will notice results immediately.

Is the Enlargement Permanent?

You will see astounding results after the first use. Don’t get too excited yet, though, because your penis will shrink back down over the next few hours. Keep using the device frequently, however, and you will soon experience permanent enlargement.

Over time, using the Hercules will increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa tubes by triggering increased blood flow into the penis. Once this takes place repeatedly over the course of several sessions, you will notice your manhood gradually growing, both in length (up to 2 inches) and girth (up to 40%). These results will be permanent.

Packages & Pricing

  • Hercules (regular size) $110 -> Device comes in your choice of red, blue, or clear
  • Goliath (bigger size) $199 -> 30% Larger than the Hercules for even bigger penis size!

Each of Bathmate’s pumps can be ordered in your choice of colors (red, blue, or clear).

Which package should you order?

Although the Hercules is more popular the Goliath, being a bigger one so if your penis gets bigger, you can still use the pump in convenience. However, if you have a small penis the Hercules would does a great job for you.

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This patented water-assisted pump by Bathmate offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction
  • Proven penis enlargement method
  • 100% Safe
  • 1-year Warranty


The only disadvantages in purchasing the Hercules are:

• Device is priced slightly higher than traditional air pumps
• Device includes fixed gaiter (as opposed to differential gaiters)
• Device does not include new bellows pump system (as seen in the Hydromax pumps)
• Device does not include exercise program

Hercules Review Final Thoughts

In case you are wondering how this product stacks up against the Hydromax line-up, it is a good bit less expensive ($110 as opposed to Hydromax X-Series pump at $159). The price difference is not significant, although you must remember that Hydromax X-Series includes an removable comfort pad with all of their packages. Even so, the Hercules will be a better deal for you if you are looking for qucik results. Since both pumps are excellent products, you can’t go wrong no matter which you decide to purchase.

Purchasing Hercules water pump is a smart decision.

Although it does not include an exercise program, differential gaiters, or the bellows pump system, it is a patented, proven penis enlargement method as well as an effective corrective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Because it has been on the market for 5 years and is still Bathmate’s best-selling device, you can feel confident that it deliver the results you need.

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