Do you want to get a bigger and harder penis quickly?

Read on the must know information before using a penis pump.

Can pumps, being one of the most popular and effective male enhancement products give you instant, bigger, harder and longer lasting erections?

Yes, if you choose the right product.
Plus you can achieve permanent increase in size.

Hydromax Bathmate Hercules
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Price $159 – $199
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What should you look for in a penis pump?

Air assisted vs. water assisted pumps.

  • Air vacuum pumps are cheaper.
  • However, they are less comfortable, less effective and can even be unsafe.
  • Because the pump is air based, there is a limit to the vacuum which you could potentially go past and this can cause some kinds of problems.

The water assisted pump however combats against these problems and works as a much better overall product.

  • Water assisted pumps are far more effective, comfortable and safe.
  • Being water based means that there is also no way of pushing out of the safe zone and causing yourself any injuries or problems.
  • A great advantage of the water assisted pumps is that it splits the growth up equally between the different areas of your penis E.G Girth and foreskin. Air vacuums can commonly enlarge one part but not the other, and again this can cause complications.

What’s the best penis enlargement product?

To sum it up quickly, water assisted pumps are easily the better product for reaching your penis enlargement goals. They are quick, safe, comfortable and still affordable.

It is also worth mentioning that pills should be avoided at all costs when looking at the different avenues of penis enlargement. They are regarded as unsafe and there have been poor results from them. Pills do not compare in any way to using penis pumps.

What’s the best penis enlargement pump?

Hydromax X Series!

hydromaxThe Hydromax penis pump is the product that I decided to buy and it gave me some fantastic results.

Great results in minutes.

With the Hydromax product, all I had to do was have bathe in hot water for 15 minutes and results were immediately visible.

There was no long and annoying routine I had to perform and I did not have to wait days to see results.

The change I noticed about my own penis is that it felt significantly harder and definitely looked longer. I really could not believe the difference; after just 15 minutes it simply looked like a different penis.

Adding to the size factors that I gained, it was also noticeable that the tip was a more sensitive to touch and this lead to a greater sensation during sexual intercourse.

bigger-penisThe reason I ordered the water assisted pump from Hydromax is that it was a great price, easy to use and they had added exercises to make sure you gained permanent growth.

I read some really good reviews and the information on their website is fruitful and detailed with proof.

I also ordered this product because I knew that because it sued water that my penis would be safe from any injuries that may occur when using air assisted pumps.

Why is it such a great and easy way of enlarging your penis?

The reason Hydromax is so good at giving penis enlargements is because it has a super soft comfort pad that allow you to experience more flexibility, allowing you to create 35% more suction power while retaining more safety and comfort.

This basically means that you get bigger gains with less effort.

So if your penis gets bigger, you can still use the pump efficiently. The Hydromax pump comes with the new pressure release mechanism to ensure that you don’t over pump, keeping you safe at all times.

How do you get the best gains from Hydromax?

Hydromax do not just give you the pump and then leave you to it. They also provide a great set of video courses that will help you to get maximum gains and keep those gains rather than them being temporary. The exercises that you can follow for the best results can be found here and at the time of writing this articles, no other penis pump company offer these kind of routines.

My story and my results

Although I have not provided any before/after pictures (due to being slightly uncomfortable with the idea) I still want to share my story and tell you about the fantastic results I have achieved.

If I had to sum the whole process and product up quickly, then I would say that it is a great product for anyone looking to enhance their growth for whatever reason that may be. I was simply not happy with my size, so I ordered this product in hope to get some really nice gains and improve my confidence. It has certainly helped me do that, and given my penis a whole new look on life. Overall, it was quick and easy to do, comfortable to perform and I could do it privately without anyone finding out.

satisfaction-guaranteedIf you are looking for more specific proof and reviews then you can visit the Hydromax website at the following link and see for yourself.

What is also worth noting is that this product is the sole and only penis enlargement product to be awarded the ISO medical certification, and on top of this the manufacturer is ISO certified as well. ISO Medical Certification 13485:2003& ISO 9001:2009

If my word is not enough for you to make a purchase, then just visit the official website and have a read yourself.

You can see what other people are saying about the product and it is also noticeable that you have 100% guaranteed privacy when purchasing the product. If you’re like me and lack in a bit of confidence and don’t want anyone knowing about your purchase, then you can guarantee that the secret will be well kept with Hydromax – mine was!

Who Am I?

I have a pretty normal job working in a popular bar in London city. While I am working here I of course get the chance to meet a lot of women but I have always struggled to gather the confidence to actually make a strong move toward any of these beautiful girls. My friends are always urging me to speak to girls that appear interested, but I just cannot bring myself to do it because if I had the opportunity to take them home I may not perform as I would like to in the bedroom.

The reason I have this unrest and slight lack of confidence is that I always got bullied about having a smaller penis than my peers and this had made me not want other people to see it anymore. I have had dates and I have had women interested in me, but I cannot transform this into a decent relationship due to my confidence problems downstairs.

My Problem:

meAs I mentioned above, the main problem I am suffering is a lack of confidence in my downstairs department. I was bullied in the past regarding the size of my penis and I have carried this all through my life up until a few weeks ago. I was fine in terms of communicating with girls, but it was going to the next stages where I had my problems.

Although I have had successful dates, with women that I would love to see more, I simply could not bring myself to want to proceed any further due to my smaller sized penis and small amount of confidence.

A few months ago it was really starting to get to me and I decided that something had to be done. This is when I started looking at penis enlargement methods on the internet. It was not something that I wanted to discuss with my friends or family, so I did my private research and found about some various methods. Some of these ranged from taking pills which I disagree with all the way to surgery which I would not be able to afford. Then I stumbled across the devices that are penis pumps.

I read a lot about the water based devices being very easy, quick and comfortable to use; so after doing some more reading, I thought that this could be the avenue for me to go down.

The product that gave me my solution.

doctorSo after some extensive research and review reading, I had decided that a water based penis enlarger was the route I would go down. They are a bit more expensive than air pumps however they are a lot safer, more comfortable and have shown to yield greater results.

I had a browse around online at different water devices and there are plenty scattered all over the net and on Amazon too. I thought that I wanted to get mine from an official manufacturer and that is how I ended up with the Hydromax product. I had come across this website previously when doing my research and it seemed really reputable so this is where I made my purchase. On top of this there were a lot of proof and great testimonials from previous users that had great results. They also had some great certifications that are known worldwide with money back guarantee’s so it looked the perfect place to buy my pump.

The Conclusion:

After doing extensive research and seeing many different products that were on offer, the Hydromax penis enlarger came out on top in my eyes. It’s a great quality product that gave me fast results without any danger or discomfort.

On top of the device you are given, you are also provided with an instructional DVD and on the website there are additional exercises that you can complete to achieve the best gains.


Click here to order Hydromax – the best penis pump, ever.

I would strongly recommend Hydromax to anyone looking to enhance the size of their penis.